What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Why is it, when we look in the mirror that we only see our flaws?  How did we get to this point where whenever we see our reflection that we can't bear to look at ourselves without seeing a flaw, perceived or otherwise?

I often think about this, particularly now that I have a daughter who is quickly growing into a little girl, and then with warp speed (it will feel like to me I'm sure) she'll be a teenager navigating a landscape where social media & all that it entails is a big presence in daily life.

For the sake of my children I must learn to love my flaws in some way, those flaws are me & I am those flaws.  We need to be able to see the beauty in others that is not skin deep, but soul deep. 

For example, I'm not a huge fan of my hands - they're large and knuckly (not even a word I know.. but you get my drift), they're just large & not very graceful looking, for some reason they've always bothered me no end.  So, while I was in the USA I had the opportunity to book a dream photoshoot with one of the most genuine, down to earth & fun people I've ever met - who is also a master at her craft, Nikki Closser.  It was important to me that I get to experience a photoshoot just for myself & to have some amazing memories to look back on.  It was even more important to be on the receiving end of this experience, especially since I want to photograph women who might be feeling vulnerable, nervous & self conscious.  I had to know what it's like being on the other side of the camera for a change - talk about step out of your comfort zone!

I went into that photoshoot & I didn't hold myself back, I gave myself over to the whole thing 100% & just rolled with it.  I knew I was in great hands & it was just so easy & effortless.  And I still can't believe it's me when I look at those photos - they're simply amazing, the power of transformation happened to me on so many levels.  It was all about me for a few hours & nothing else - no expectations, or responsibilities, demands or pressures.  Just me.  

I look at these photos now & I don't even see my hands - I no longer think of them as big knuckly things hanging from the ends of my arms.  Now I think of these hands as strong & capable, I've trained horses with these hands - the strength of these hands has saved me from disaster on so many occasions.  I can collect nearly a dozen eggs from the chook house without a need for a basket (just quietly I think I could go for a guinness world record with that feat..!).  I can lift & carry my kids & a good number of grocery bags in one hit - the things these hands can do is endless when I think about.  So, these hands are just fine - they're more than fine.  I've come to an understanding in myself now - accept the way I am made & own it - we've only got one life, make it count.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped
— Tony Robbins