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Equine Portraits

I've been horse mad for as long as I can remember & have a couple of my own horses, I've been riding since I was a kid &                            couldn't imagine not having them in my life. 

Photographing horses & people is my thing, I love meeting & talking with horsey folks - we're a unique bunch I think, and to be able to photograph the connection & bond you share with your horse is priceless.  

I travel to Sunshine Coast, Woodford, Brisbane & Gold Coast for Equine Portrait Sessions.


What is an Equine Portrait Experience?

Good question!   To start I want to know a little bit about you & your noble steed, I love hearing how you and your horse ended up together.  Everyone's story is so very different & you want a photoshoot that reflects you & the personality of your horse.

Do you want to have a mounted portrait session? Or it can just be you with your horse on the ground; or both - it's up to you!  I'll come to your location & I'll take a few minutes to scout some spots in your paddock.  

From there I'll guide you through the session - I'll give direction in terms of posing, so you'll end up with a mixture of candid & posed images.  I like to do both because that way you end up with some lovely moments in between the posed ones!

An equine portrait experience is all about you and the bond you've created with them.



This is not something to worry about!  No matter the location I can make it work, by being creative with lens choices we'll capture some beautiful portraits for you.

So, I come to where your horse is located, for the adventurous you can choose to float your horse to a location you love or have been to with your horse in the past.  It might be a local beach that allows horses, or perhaps a trail ride location, local forestry, the possibilities are endless! 


what do i WEAR?

You've got so many options here!  You can choose to keep it nice & casual, a good pair of jeans/pants and a nice top.  Or get a little bit fancier & wear a nice dress/skirt & top - of you can go all out and glam it up with a fancy dress, full hair & make up.  It's completely up to you!

Just remember, if you love what you're wearing, you will feel more comfortable & relaxed when I start taking your photos.

Keep in mind though the colour of your horse and make sure you wear colours that will complement them.  I've got a handy PDF that will give you an idea of clothes to wear / colours to choose which I can email you.




A 1 hour no obligation session of $150 payable on making your booking. 

Choose the digital package that suits your needs.  All package purchases can be made after your session once I send through your final gallery online.  

I won't take up your time with a sit down sales session, all orders can be done through my online gallery with credit card & PayPal purchase options.

Once images are made available online you can save up to 30% off for the first 48 hours on digital orders (depending which package you purchase).  I also offer payment plans if you'd prefer.