you’ve come to the right place For fun, relaxed awesome family portraits!

Ever since becoming a Mum, the family I’ve created with my husband has become the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days if I roll my eyes any harder at the sass I get from my 4 year old daughter I’ll pass out.

All that aside, creating family portraits of other families is a great joy of mine. I love the big smiles and cheesy grins, a family who are all in sync with each other & love hanging out together. For an afternoon we get to play, laugh, tell jokes, watch the kids run about and then you’ll have some fabulous family portraits to remember the day by.

Check out the full family Gallery here!

If you’re looking for my Equine & Horse Photography portfolio and information, I’ve created a website specifically for all things HORSE! Check it out here:

Sam is amazing! She does brilliant work and makes you feel at ease and also makes it fun.
— Sarah