Fun & relaxed family portraits!

Creating family portraits is a great joy of mine, I love the big smiles and cheesy grins, a family who are all in sync with each other & love hanging out together. For an afternoon we get to play, laugh, tell jokes, watch the kids run about and then you’ll have some fabulous family portraits to remember the day by.

Sam is amazing! She does brilliant work and makes you feel at ease and also makes it fun.
— Sarah

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G’day! It’s lovely to meet you.

Instead of the usual spiel, here’s something different!

5 Random Facts About Me!

1. I would eat Arnotts chocolate mint slice bickies ALL day, EVERY day if I could. (My go-to snack if you will)

2. I abhor brussell sprouts… they are the devils food…BLEUGH.

3. Even in the middle of Summer I have piping hot showers, so hot your skin goes red. Mental I know, but it works for me.

4. I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel...EVER. The one time I did I popped my knee-cap out... Never again... cartwheels are for the mad & coordinated!

5. I can crack a stock whip in both hands, I’m a bit rusty, but it’s like riding a bike, once you’ve learnt how you kind of really don’t forget.



5 Steps to Awesome family photos!


1. We book a date!

But first, read all about what to expect at your family portrait session.


2. Pre-shoot Info

All the info you need to have an awesome family photoshoot!


3. Photoshoot day

Let the fun begin!


4. Your gallery is ready!

Time to view your beautiful images.


5. Download your images & enjoy them!


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